Ignios Listán Negro 2015

Ignios Listán Negro 2015

This week we will pair with an excellent red wine from the Canary Islands: Ignios Listán Negro Vendimia seleccionada 2015

This wine from the Ignios Winery is the result of first-rate wine growing, with priority being given to a high-quality grape and non-intrusive work in the winery, with the intention being to reflect the nature of the variety and the volcanic soil where the grape is grown.

On the nose we find subtle aromas of ripe red and black fruits, floral hints with menthol and balsamic notes, accompanied by perfectly integrated warm spices and wood.

On the palate it is as lively as it is on the nose, with great potential, expressive yet tasty and fresh, with a hint of salt that confirms its Atlantic character.

The ideal drinking temperature is 16ºC and we pair it with white meat and pasta.

It also pairs fantastically with the dish that Aingeru Etxebarria is going to prepare for us and which you can see here.

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